DIY your wedding

Do you want to DIY your wedding? Different people have different ideas.Most people may think it is really a fab idea to arrange for the DIY style wedding. But in my opinion,the DIY ideas also reveal our personality, taste, and charm to our guests.I have shared some of my ideas in this blog , and these ideas had proven worthy to me as I arranged my wedding and reception event by these ideas and got applause from my guests.



With the cheap candles bring the gorgeous and romantic lights to your reception evening.

Wedding cakes

wedding cake

You can also diy your wedding cake.Homemade cookies, cakes, and desserts are sure to add the ��yummy�� charm to your reception tables.

Wedding flowers

Wedding flowers

Of course,you can choose some of the colorful sticks of your favorite flowers. Then,Pick up the fresh flowers and arrange them in such ways so that they create a vibrant effect.

You can also diy other wedding things,for example,CDs,wedding cards,lively dance floor,and so on.I think you can get much joy from your wedding.

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